Cathy Taylor


I have been a member of Carter Leisure since the gym opened. I am 45 years old and work full time as a teacher so fitting classes in to my busy life has always been difficult. I have always attended 2 or 3 classes a week and usually 2 of the classes would be spinning and the other a combat class. This year I decided I wanted to get fit tone up and lose some weight and I am delighted with my achievements and would like to thank the staff at carter leisure that have been involved in my fitness. Since October I have lost 23 pounds and dropped a dress size I am only 10 pounds off my target weight which I know I will achieve by the summer. 


I never thought that doing a mix of classes would have such an impact on my body shape. I still do 2 spinning classes a week one with Mark on a Monday and the other with Rebecca on a Thursday. Mark knows my fitness level as I have attended his spinning class for a number of years and he pushes me to achieve more every week which is great. 


I think the classes that have had the most impact on my weight loss have been Hayley's 'work out of the week' wow class I would have never imagined that working out with weights could be so good for weight loss and changing your body shape plus fitness. I also do Hayley's sculpt class on a Thursday and this has really helped tone my body. This alongside a healthy eating plan has made such a difference to how I look. 


Thank you to all 



Adam Spurgeon

A simple trip and fall in February 2013 became a life changing event for me. Shattering my left knee meant that I faced a long road to recovery, especially as the hospital told me that the injury was so  bad I would never regain full mobility or flexibility in my knee again.

I hadn’t done any exercise since my mid 20’s so the prospect of joining a gym to get fit and mobile was a daunting prospect. However I needn’t have worried. I had an initial consultation with Mark who was brilliant and understood immediately what I needed to do to get fit again. Mark has been inspirational in supporting me to recognise and achieve my fitness goals. Initially Mark set me a programme to work on my upper body strength whilst my knee healed. He then worked with me to ensure the exercise my physio gave me were done correctly and within the timescales I was set.

Six months down the line not only have I gained full mobility and flexibility in my knee but I can now run and kneel down, which the hospital told me I wouldn’t be able to do for years.

I can’t say thank you enough to Vicky, Mark and all the team for all the encouragement and support I have been given since I joined Carter Leisure. Without you all I wouldn’t have achieved my goals and regained my fitness. I have been so inspired by the whole episode and support I have received that I have decided to change careers and to study to become a Personal Trainer myself.

Dareena Baines

 I'm 32 years old and over the past couple of years I have gradually gained quite a bit of weight, a lot has been through poor diet and not being as active as I should and for a woman of my age it started really affecting my personal life and confidence.

 So in January this year I decided I was going to join a gym. I came to have a look at carter leisure and immediately I felt happy that I could come here and give it a go. 

 I felt nervous of course that everyone  would be laughing at me but all the  staff and people who use the gym are so friendly and drive you to do the best you can!!!!

 At first I only used the main gym to try and build up my fitness a little bit before trying out the classes as I felt like I wasn't good enough to do them but as the last 8 months have passed I have built up my fitness and am now doing lots of classes such as spinning (which I love),body pump, body kombat  and abs blast etc.....

The girls and mark have really boosted my confidence and pushed me to keep at it and for that I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. I have made some brilliant friends and I'm well on my way to loosing the weight and building up my fitness every day, I have so much more energy too, so far I have lost just over a stone in weight and 3 inches roughly of my waist which I'm so happy with.

I feel great, I really do and totally motivated to keep going!!!! Yes it's coming off slowly but the main thing is that it is working and I'm so much more confident with my appearance. I still have a long way to go but I will keep going as they say!!!!!!

 I really want to again say a huge thank you to everyone here at Carter Leisure - you have all been amazing, I recommend anyone who wants to change their lifestyle to join here at this gym it is great!  If I can do it,  anyone can.

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